We hire surfboards, SUPs, bodyboards, skimboards, snorkels, wetsuits and accessories on both the Moray Firth and on Tiree* (*in conjunction with Blackhouse Watersports)

Hire of surfboards, SUPs, bodyboards, skimboards, snorkels, wetsuits and accessories available at the start of each lesson or at a preorganized time and location. The SUPs are inflatable so they can be taken away to use elsewhere. Soft roofracks can be supplied to prevent putting wet surfboards in your car and to allow you to surf where and when you want.

We observe the Surf Hire Safety guidelines created by the RNLI http://www.surfhiresafety.co.uk/site/298/informati...

Simple checks for safe paddle boarding (RNLI Guidelines)

  • Always tell someone where you're going and when you'll be back. Don't leave the house without a mobile phone or communication device.
  • Check the weather forecast and tide times before you set out - they can change quickly.
  • Avoid offshore winds.
  • Always go with a friend.
  • Wear a suitable personal flotation device.
  • Wear suitable clothing for time of year.
  • Always wear your leash and hold onto your board if you get into trouble - it will help you float.
  • Always make sure you launch and recover between the black and white chequered flags. Consider other water users by learning the rights of way in the surf. This can save you and others getting injured.
  • Get the appropriate level of training.

Equipment Hire and Price List

½ day = 2-3 hoursday = 5-6 hoursweek = 7 days
Surfboard (softboard)£10£15£50
Surfboard (hardboard)£15£20£75
Bodyboard Fins£2£3£14
Standup Paddleboard£25£30£125
Wetsuit 5mm (inc accessories if needed)£10£15£60
Wetsuit 3mm£5£7£25
Wetsuit boots£2£3£10
Wetsuit gloves£1£2£5
Wetsuit hood£1£2£5
Snorkel set£3£5£15